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The development prospect of wood chipper

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  With the progress of people's living standard and the development of the society, some enterprises such as artificial, artificial board, small thermal power plant, mosquito repellent incense factory and breeding farm are also accumulating over the years.China belongs to a big agricultural country, a big forestry country, but forestry is basically 3-5 years to replace once, and now the phenomenon of deforestation is also more serious, leading to a lot of wood cut, which seriously affects those of us who need wood as raw materials to carry out

  wood chipper is the most basic equipment in artificial board, paper industry, for the preparation process of wood, since the '40 s, with the residues from increasingly cutting and cutting area of forest resources use level of progress, and the whole tree cutting the use of new technology, process of wood material has been shifted from using log to use more branches materials, timber, processing residues, defect or shavings from the whole tree.The production of technological wood chips has also gradually shifted from pulp and paper making and artificial board enterprises to cutting areas and forest harvesting and transportation enterprises.Wood chips have gradually become an important shape of export commodities for mining and transportation enterprises and constitute the wood chip industry.

  Foreign large planning of wood chip production began in the 1960s, developed quickly in recent years, not only output value rapidly added, and in some countries, such as Japan, the former Soviet union, the United States and other countries have developed into an independent system of wood industry sector.In Sweden, Finland and other countries become a wood processing enterprises not short of the component.China's lumber-cutting area wood chip industry emerged in the late 1970s, and was not planned until the 1990s. Now, the annual production capacity has reached 8.3 million m3 and the annual output value has reached 2.5 billion yuan.  

  Now the worldwide demand for artificial board, paper and cardboard is still increasing year by year.According to the estimation of the United Nations food and agriculture organization, the world consumption of artificial board will increase from 122 million m3 in 1991 to 313 million m3 by 2010, with an average annual increase rate of 4.82%.Paper and board consumption will increase from 243 million tons in 1991 to 443 million tons at an average annual rate of 3.07 percent.The consumption of artificial boards in China will increase from 3.318 million m3 in 1991 to 15.043 million m3, and the annual average increase rate of 6.0% of the consumption of paper and cardboard will increase from 18.534 million m3 in 1991 to 5.3239 million t.The average annual increase was 5.9 percent.Therefore, the demand for wood chip will continue to increase, wood chipper will be further developed, the prospect is broad.



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