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How to improve the efficiency of wood chipper

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  It is the desire of every chipper user to make wood chipper equipment efficient and high-quality production, but the reality will not be the same as we think, so why some wood chipper equipment will be reduced in efficiency, let's analyze it together:

  wood chipper efficiency is reduced, generally with the work has a lot to do, first look at the feeding system of the conveying pipeline there is no blockage, if the feeding can not meet will directly lead to the output of the chipper decline.After that, it is necessary to check the clearance of important working parts. If the clearance is too large, the output of the equipment will decrease slowly. Generally, we will adjust the clearance of screen file of the main machine of the chipper to make it reach the normal workload.Do not forget the wood chipper tool also must insist, if used for a long time, the tool will be worn and become not sharp enough, thus affecting the production, when necessary to replace a set of tools

  It can be seen that the efficiency of wood chipper is reduced in many cases because of its own reasons, so at ordinary times we should pay attention to strengthen its inspection and maintenance, so as to better ensure our use



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