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Daily maintenance of large integrated crusher

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  In order to extend the service life of the building template crusher, enhance its cutting effect, so as to bring higher use efficiency, not only according to the correct method of operation, for a device, its daily maintenance can often determine its life.

  1.The crushing ratio distribution in the production line of the building template crusher should be reasonable so as to maximize the crusher efficiency.

  2.There should be an iron removal device to prevent the crushing chamber of the building template crusher from over iron. If it is over iron frequently, it may cause shaft breaking accident.

  3.The spring pressure can not be too tight, too much pressure will also happen broken shaft accident, too small pressure spring will jump frequently, affecting the normal work of the crusher, and the product particle size becomes coarse.

  4.Full load production is required, otherwise the product granularity will be too coarse.

  Therefore, the daily maintenance of the building template crusher is the need to carefully check its accessories, and in the installation, some accessories can not be randomly installed, regularly check the circuit.



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