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All the accessories of shandong bolida company are made of high quality forgings and billets, processed by high grade CNC machine tools, with high precision and good quality, and can be customized with various parts such as non-standard molds, rollers and blades.

Details of the proceesing procedure:

 Ring Die Mould
Features of bolida ring die:
1. Biomass wood chip ring die is made of high-quality brand forging.
2. The new heat treatment process is applied to maximize the carburizing of the ring mould and improve the durability of the ring mould.
3. Fully automatic drilling mechanism hole, directly use the no-wash die.
4. There are different feeding horns for different raw materials, which are more targeted
Advantages of bolida vertical ring mould:
1. The use of exquisite technology of raw materials, less impurities, high purity, greatly reduce the content of harmful elements (such as element S, P), so as to improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of materials.
2. Through roller forging, the material is processed and strengthened, the material fiber is complete and even, and the comprehensive mechanical properties of the material are improved.
3. All the blank materials are purchased from large forging factories, with world-advanced forging equipment and technology, electronic data processing system and perfect quality control system.
4. Die blank, generally chrome alloy roll forging, unlike some factories use 45 ordinary carbon steel.
5. Strictly control the hardness of blank, ranging from HB170 to HB220.If the hardness is too high, the drill will break easily and die holes will appear when drilling.If the hardness is too low, the surface finish of the die hole will not be good.
6. In order to control the uniformity of the material inside the blank, fault detection must be carried out on each blank to avoid defects, no pores, cracks, inclusions and other defects.
7. After processing and heat treatment, the hardness of the ring die can reach HRC 52-58 (inner diameter less than 350mm) and hrc50-56 (inner diameter more than 350mm), making it more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.
8. In order to control the hardness uniformity of the ring die after heat treatment, we choose more than three points in each part of the circumference to test the hardness and take the average value.The hardness value difference between parts should not be higher than HRC4..
9. According to the combination principle of metal material science and gas quenching, the contents of C, Cr, Mn, Ni and V elements were optimized to form the standard of circular mould raw materials.
Mold application:
Suitable for all kinds of vertical biomass pellet machine: sawdust pellet machine, sawdust pellet grinder, grass pellet grinder, straw pellet grinder, straw pellet grinder, alfalfa pellet grinder, etc.
Also suitable for fertilizer pellet machine various animal/poultry/livestock feed pellet machine
Manufacturing technology of vertical pellet machine ring die:
Blank materials forging rough turning - - - turning - drilling grinding inner hole - - - - threaded holes keyway milling - heat treatment - complete rotation - packing
Circular mould material: x46cr13/4cr13 (stainless steel), 20mncr5/20crmnti (alloy steel) or customized
Hardness of ring die: HRC54-60.
Applicable model:
Widely matching a variety of vertical machine biomass sawdust pellet machine.Our products are exported to all parts of the world all year round.

The material Lifetime/hour The inner diameter Outer diameter Hole diameter(mm)
Alloy steel 800-1200  As your need  As your need 1-28
Stainless steel 1000-1500  As your need  As your need 1-28

Horizontal ring die is mainly a mold style, with its unique advantages, wide welcomed by the people.
1. Select high quality X46Cr13 German standard stainless steel blank, secondary steelmaking, degassing billet.
2. Imported gun drill and multi-station group drill, high quality finish of one-time forming die hole, beautiful appearance and high capacity of pellet production.
3. Choose the treatment technology combining vacuum furnace and continuous quenching furnace to ensure long service life.
4. Process according to the principles and requirements of compression ratio and strength designed by customers.
5. All ring molds are examined by microscope to ensure product quality.
Mold production manufacturing technique:
1. Adopt exclusive grinding technology to hard polish the inner wall of compressed cavity, making granule quickly, producing high capacity and beautiful pellets.
2. Various compression ratios can be customized for customers to meet the requirements of different raw materials and equipment.
3. Rich experience in particle debugging and production to help customers adjust raw material moisture and mold compression ratio to solve customers' production problems.
4, custom materials, different compression ratio of the ring mold.
1. The raw material is easy to form
2. The discharging is smooth, and the users with bad discharging can choose first
3 . Cpacity is high
3. Long lifetime
Horizontal pellet machine ring die manufacturing process:
blank raw material forging -- rough turning -- semi-finished turning -- drilling -- grinding inner hole -- threaded hole -- keyway milling -- heat treatment -- complete rotation -- packaging
ring die material: x46cr13/4cr13 (stainless steel), 20mncr5/20crmnti (alloy steel) or custom
ring die hardness: hrc54-60
Application scope of feed ring mold:
Suitable for all kinds of feed pellet machine: fertilizer pellet machine, all kinds of animal/poultry/livestock feed pellet machine.
Ring die mould

Material lifetime/hour Inner diameter External diameter Hole diameter(mm)
Alloy steel 800-1200 As your need As your need 1mm-28mm
Stainless 1000-1500 As your need As your need 1mm-28mm


Mould Press Roller

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